Monday, August 31, 2009

Contemplate the Sketch.

I realize I have been absent in the blogger world for a long time now, but I want to connect with people again via the blog. Monica looks at blogs consistently, and everyone makes it look like a good time and something I wanna be apart of. So I hope everyone accepts me back into the blogging community.

Current Life in Short, in three words:

Married, Florida, Unemployed.

I happily married the now Monica Yeo, We live in a wonderful small two bedroom and one bath house in East Orlando, and I currently live approximately a mile from a Florida Hospital branch, an ADVENTIST hospital. But I cannot murse any patients in the place legally!

Adventures in short:
June 28, We were wed at a magical gazebo in Sanford, FL. In the heat of event, we produced gallons of sweat whether from the humidity, blaring sun or the intense dancing.
Monica and I then would head to Hawaii and had tropical island adventures whether it be snorkeling, surfing, volcano biking, or getting sweet tan lines.
After such adventures, we'd continue to California to visit some fellow Yeos', Trina, Mom, and Dad. We'd kayak through ocean caves, bike/skate through the streets of Santa Barbara with some Mabaquiaos(family), eat fresh peach and strawberry pies, Drive to amazing Yosemite and visit some Wawona Camp kids, and play amongst my favorite animals, the California sea lion.
Sadly we'd leave California, but only to be joyed to arrive in Hayden, Idaho. We celebrated Dustin and Tiffany's marriage and visited some camp Mivoden kids! At the wedding, I danced till my lungs exhausted, throat ached a tad, my body fatigued and my dry clean only outfit was filthy of sweat and chocolate from my extreme desert endeavors in the chocolate fountain.

Trip of lifetime. I don't even know if it sounded cool the way i described it. But while attempting to describe, I got nostalgic and i know we now miss you all alot.

Life now consists of exercising in the hot FL sun, swimming in any body of water (watching for gators), rock climbing in an indoor climbing gym, searching for that job, waiting for my wife to come home from teaching those 1st graders, going to Sea World with our season passes, hanging with family and FL friends.

Enough about me. blah. I do miss all the friends and family, whether they be in California, Washington, Tennessee, or any other state or country for that matter. I hope all are living well.

Can someone explain to me electricity? I want to try to explain it to Monica's dad, he's a really smart guy, but he said he hadn't had an adequate explanation, so he's convinced it's magic for now.