Friday, December 04, 2009


Life has been exciting and full of goodness here in my little world. The world may not be perfect but I see many glimpses of joy that let me know God wants us to experience life as it should be.  And by seeing these glimpses through a world full of pain and worry, we may be drawn in to a world filled with strength and light.  And in a certain matter of Truth, we can have life as should be in Jesus.  

I had the greatest of Thanksgivings.  Mon and I had a full week off from work.  We made a list of things we wanted to do and a little schedule for a week full of goodness, including: festive prepping, alot of biking, climbing, longboarding parking garages,  beach fires, roller coasters, IMAX,  family, and of course FOOD! Man I couldn't have been more blessed! Thanksgiving day was spectacular.  Father-in-Law Bob, Sister-in-law Jessica, Husband of Sister-in-law Austin, and I went biking in the morning to work up the appetite.  We had some epic wrecks,  from me flying over the handle bars several times, Austin falling down small cliffs, to Bob taking a corner too fast and flying off the side of a short wooden bridge into the creek below, completely emerging himself in the murky water.  Epic times!  We laughed, we bled, we sweated, and later, we ate food till i could've cried from discomfort if I tried.

Work is teaching me critical thinking, prioritizing, organization, communication, compassion, and a whole lot about the body's complexities in design actually (which i learned in school at many points, but really working with it gets me excited to learn about it in full).  All very important things in life.  Though work can be stressful, I'm finding myself content and fulfilled at the end of the day.  Attitude can really drive the day good or bad.

AND.  Friends and Family.  All of you know me, so therefore know I've never done any street drugs or been a drinker or smoker.  In my philosophy of life that I've developed over the years and am still developing, I wouldn't necessarily say that these things specifically are strictly not permissible or say they are always permissible either.  But in my experience growing up, and from what I feel the SDA church's standpoint is, I've understood that people who choose to do these things are putting barriers between themselves and essentially God, and simply are living lifestyles that are different from my own and out of my comfort zone.  And biblically, I do believe it says in a few ways that drunkenness leads to foolishness.  But nonetheless, I have good friends that do these things that I love and don't feel the need to preach any sort of message for them to quit at this instant, and want to understand why they feel the need for it. But I am figuring out that for many reasons, I would choose to be alcohol, smoking, and drug habit free.  Lifestyle choice, Health Choice, Spiritual Focus choice I guess you could say, I'm still pinning it down.

All this being said,  the other week I drank alcohol. I didn't get drunk.  I drank a couple glasses of Sangria, which has some wine, some soda, some juice, and a couple douses of other alcohols, at a Spanish restaurant with some friends.  I was so very curious, and truthfully it was too easy of an environment to have it ordered and for me to indulge.  Anyways, I drank a little it didn't taste real good or real bad for that matter.  But I wanted to drink it and see if how I felt would change some... I was awful curious, (I know it's different, but I've always liked the feeling from laughing gas at the dentist).   Turns out my face got really warm and red and felt swollen,  my Asian eyes felt smaller, people said my eyes were a little bloodshot.  Anyways, I didn't get to feel that funny, I stopped drinking after I felt alittle woozy.  I do remember everything.  But I let the disappointed Monica drive me home though.  My stomach felt alittle wierd.  I just wanted to go to sleep when I got home.  Monica made me brush my teeth (because according to her I was "really stinky") though I could've just went straight to bed, I felt nice and sleepy.  Upon brushing my teeth, I felt it.  The nausea kickin in, Toothbrush in hand, I projectile vomited in the toilet, makin a real mess.  Rookie, yep.  I couldn't handle it... Also, would you call that a Christian Rookie mistake too? hehe... talk to me.    I don't know why I was curious about alcohol, I'm not bored, depressed, I can party and socialize without it,  I love life without it.  I've also been intrigued about smoking cigars, seems artistic or something, I've smoked one, oh I'll tell ya.  But I do know those are terrible for your health, I know not to make that habitual.  hehe.

Anyways... share with me your thoughts.  As I'm growing and developing my philosophy, I want insights from those I love and respect, and value their wisdom.

I love you friends.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Some Joyful Blogtography.

Monica and I turned 23 years of age the other day and went to Disney World's Magic Kingdom for Free!
I like to point out that both of us got the free deal, and I'm sure Disney's idea for this promotional is that they'll get more people to come and accompany the person who's birthday it is and pay full price.  Monica and I cheated them good!  We both went for free saving a whopping 158 dollars!  Then they cheated us good charging us 15 dollars to park a car, and 30 dollars to eat and drink.  But still we win! I think....  oh Yah We win!  Cuz we have cool friends and family to make us feel special.

Magic Kingdom.

Belle, of Beauty and the Beast.

Peter Pan.

 a Disney parade.

 Some Family.


Dear Man walking down the street,

Man, I want to be good person.  I want to show you that I know to never give up, that I care for you more than myself, and that I'm content where God has me go and right now that's here. And I don't want to brag about being better, or think I'm better, I want to reach out to you Man and be a new friend. Not overbearing but simply letting you know you seem like a good Man. Sure I know we just met and there are a lot of bad people in the world, but we all got good battling inside, I know it. I want to show you I'm accepting, not stuck up or uptight.  I want you to know me as the patient and kind guy that seems always to be calm, yet excited for fun.  I want to show you that I always look for the best in every situation.  I don't look back and grovel in the past when I know to move forward.  I want you to see the Truth.

I want to be who I'm supposed to be to be to you.  What's that seem like nowadays?  Man I feel like I'm supposed to keep walking, put on a mean face, and make sure it looks like you can't mess with me. And I've done this to you before. And now I'm feeling lonely, it seems like this world wants us to be lonely.  Forget that, Man.  Let's do this different.

Sincerely Yours.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brain Function.

 Recently, I've been wishing to be more intelligent (ironic that this is my first year ever not being in school since what, kindergarten?). I mean I was always inspired to be smart, like from watching Good Will Hunting, but never motivated enough to get there, I've always lacked enough focus.  I've never been the brightest boy, but in this transitional period of my life into the real world I wish to look like I'm smart enough to get here and go beyond.  Really it hasn't been bad, I'm confident enough to say I'm not real stupid.  I've got good resources and I'm smart enough to use them : ).  But it'd be nice to be smarter and better than I am, that's all.

Motivation and Focus.  I lack a lot of this.  It's so on and off,  even for the things I love and have passion for. Man this world's rough eh?   Discipline is always key.  Balance is always key.  Seeking Jesus is always key.  I need this more right now... this is a daily/moment to moment thing.  I need to keep moving forward and not look back on where I've been stuck.

It's time to decide
Which is out of my mind
Cause it'll be me unless I put some thoughts to rest and leave some faults behind
I'll watch the glint in my eye
Shine off the spring in my step
And could be blinding depending on the amount of You that I reflect
- Matt Thiessen

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brown Paper Packages Tied up with Strings.

My sister has always made these lists and books about "things that make you happy", continuously writing things that make her happy, and making others write things that make them happy. I feel I've under appreciated this idea or maybe thought it'd be a bit girly for me to do all the time, but really I'm finding it's so healthy to recognize the things that you find joy and beauty in. You should fill your life with these things, make the time for them in this busy world, and define yourself in this happiness. It's good to count your blessings, God has blessed so many of us so much, we need to live it full and hard. So these are a few of my favorite things:

Current Dominant Joys of All Time - Forgiven Sinnerhood, Husbandness, Job Finding (it'll be joyful to have a good interview in the morning, wish me luck!), Familyhood, Good friendness.

5 Bands that get me amped on life - Muse, Death Cab, Coldplay, Jon Foreman, Watashi Wa/Eager Seas. These are musical and/or lyrical inspirers to me.

Joyful Hobbies right now - Exercise! - Climbing on rocks, Running on trails and streets, Swimming in springs, lakes, pools, Surfing waves, Tennis with wife or strangers, Hockey hopefully soon in the league across my street, Soccer around the house, B-Ball in the driveway of the in laws, Football when around Eric MW, Racquetball with the father in law. Biking with our soon to be bought bikes. Food! Cooking - Salads, Pastas, Tacos, Bean Dips, Nachos, Tofu, Noodles, Crepes with Monica, friends, or by myself, something about creating good taste is fun. Music! - Drumsets, Djembe, Guitars, Didgeridoo, Piano, Singing recently learned songs - Danny's song, Kenny Loggins; Square One, Coldplay; Up and Up, Relient K.

I enjoy connecting with friends near and far. Blogs, Facebook, Texts, Phone. it's good talking to Aaron V. Aaron H. Dustin B. Phil S. Cameron S. Eric MW. Jason F. Amy W. Trina Y. Dad, Mom about hobbies, progress, struggles, plans, future, funny incidents, memories, life...

Boating with the Mattingly's, Night Hikes, Camping, Canoeing, Fireworks in the streets, fires in the wilderness, sleeping outside, Kayaking, Adventure, wearing costumes, eating sweets, eating out, playing Tetris, painting, sidewalk chalk.

Top Silliest People I know that make me laugh: Devin D. Aaron H. Ben F. Eric W. Joe K. Brad E. Anthony H. Scott B. Phil S. Amy W. Ludine P. Zach M. Nick L. Jeff T. Bjorn H. Monica M. - this changes a lot too, many people making me laugh. but just think about these people, if you know them, you know they are hilarious.

I've shared alot, And now I feel good. Now share with me.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Headlines and Flash, Flash, Flash Photography

To escape the terrible toilet situation, Monica and I went on a trip to the historic city of St. Augustine on the East Coast of Florida with the ever so exuberant Zach and the splendid Rachel Roddy. Where we'd have a trip full of historical tourist attractions, gelato, art galleries, candy, project runway, pools, beaches, and jolly laughter. hohoho!

On Labor Day, Monica folks and us kids went out on the boat on the St. Johns River up to Blue Springs. We swam with a few manatees who usually are only there in the colder months of winter. A couple guys got arrested while we there for harassing the creatures. The endangered Manatee! Monica's father often mentions they are the stupidest animals, while Monica's mother talks about how they are not meant for this world anymore. I did not take this picture, though I could've.

The other day, Monica and I did chalk art in the backyard to get some fresh air. She made a magical Unicorn, or a Monicorn. hehe.

I just went on a run this morning, 3/4 in the rain and 1/4 in the sun, the rain is so much better. But I ended in the sun, and seriously I think I came the closest to passing out I ever have before. I had to close my eyes, take a knee, after I started walking, breathing deep, and fighting off the lightheaded feeling. I've ran hard and long before but this Florida sun is a killer. Oh. Ya i setup the drums in the living room, for the neighbors sake. : )

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Crappy Toilet Story.

So last week I dropped a guard for my beard trimmer in the toilet. A small plastic piece that would immediately fall out of sight when dropped in to the clear yet foreboding waters of the toilet. Initially, I figured it wouldn't flush through and would cause toilet cloggination. So I tried to get that piece of plastic out with a hanger. No good. I tried the plunger. I think that made it go farther in. I put a plastic bag over my hand and reached in. it was too far. I took a break. Later, I had to use the restroom, so I used it no problem. That was to pee. I put it the plastic piece at the back of mind. Later on, due to the other kind of use of the toilet, it began to clog and only get worse and worse. I tried to fix it again but could not. Days later, It would be so bad we had to do something, the look and smell was quite terrible. We needed help. We turned to Handy Man, Mr. Mattingly/Dad.
He told us to pick up the toilet and bring it to the backyard. Shove a hose in it from either end, and work that hose around till successful. Easier said than done.

Monica and I spent a good morning working. We struggled to unbolt the toilet from the floor, I broke the nut for the hose to the water tank, we carried the toilet to the backyard leaving a trail of water through our house, we tried shoving a hose through it, Monica stuck her gloved hands in any holes she could. Unsuccessful. The whole time it was smelly, and oh we got dirty, and we had to turn our water off to disconnect the toilet, no cleaning off. We were so fed up, we left to vacation in St. Augustine that afternoon for the night, leaving the toilet in the backyard and a trail of toilet water through our house, Trying to forget our troubles...yes, it was pretty bad.
The next day we had to face the music. We knew that our problem had not simply gone away. We drove a not long enough couple hours back home, we called Handy Man for much needed help, and of course we got down and dirty to get the job done. Hours later, getting our feet seriously soaked in brown water and with water splashing everywhere as Mr. Mattingly plunged and shoved that hose deep into the toilet, the job got done. We got through. Sweat, Blood, Tears, Poop, Pee. .all elements to decent story I guess. good times that will never happen again, a lesson has been learned.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Don't Stop Me Now

---------Idaho, Groomsmen at Tifstin Billington's wedding. -----------

------------------- Maui, Honeymoonin Two Weeks! --------------------

-------------------- Wedding Party, Ryonica's wedding, Florida ----------

------------ Chillin in Santa Barbara, Yeos with Cuzins Tony, Mia, Aunt Alane -------