Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Head somewhere Else.

I'm not sure why it always goes downhill
Why broken cisterns never could stay filled
I've spent ten years singing gravity away
But the water keeps on falling from the sky

And here tonight while the stars are blacking out
With every hope and dream I've ever had in doubt
I've spent ten years trying to sing these doubts away
But the water keeps on falling from my eyes

And heaven knows, heaven knows
I tried to find a cure for the pain
Oh my Lord, to suffer like you do
It would be a lie to run away

Hey Everyone! Keep falling in love with Jesus!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Musical Favoritism.

From Watashi Wa to Eager Seas and now the band is called LAKES. A free show in Arroyo Grande tomorrow 1/18. Find it!

The great musician Aaron Roche is touring the west coast. Jan 16 at PUC, JAN 19 AT WALLA WALLA, JAN 21 SPOKANE, FEB 4 LOMA LINDA, FEB 6 AND 7 AT LA SIERRA. Go and see him, he's creative.

These are some of my favorite musicians to listen to. Inspirational in lyrical and musical creativity.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Steep, DeadGrass, Wonderful Sledding Hill.

*See Below to Learn a little about this good time.

------------------Really Fast!

------------------- On foot.

The Transfer of One Sled to the Other, over the Tub.

A view to a hill.

This is a football toss. (we're about to get the football thown to us.)

---------------- Pyramids.

--------------- Wrestling.

--------------------- On all fours.

-------------------- Gymnastics.

We've made a discovery in downtown Chattanooga! We found a perfect dead grass sledding hill. Zach, Eric, Monica, Leslie, and I found people cardboard sledding down a hill one sabbath when going downtown, and ended up sledding for 4 hours making up all kinds of fun and games. So this last Sabbath, we took everyone there. Probably a group of about 20 of us cardboard sledding for hours on the hill.

Monday, January 14, 2008

So lock the windows and Bolt the doors.

So I'm starting to play indoor soccer in a league in town with some awesome guys, Dustin and Tim included. I'm really excited about playing pretty competitively regularly to improve my skills. I messed up last game and cost us a goal scored against us, i'm excited about that no happening anymore. We tied the game, we didn't lose cuz of me just tied :). But I'm gonna love it, I already do, I play with some good soccer players and good sports. Here are the indoor soccer cleats I use and some yellow crocs my dad got me for Christmas: Random!!

P.S. Indoor soccer is alot of running, so i was inspired to get in good shape instantly. So the next day, i started my training. Phillip, Chris Clouzet, and I started by running across lawns of grass kicking soccer balls to and fro, then running up on to the biology hiking trails and hiked/ran, then running all around southern's campus passing the soccer balls around, then sprinting up many of the numerous staircases at southern, then slowing it down with constant passing drills in front of the girls dorm.

My Best friends from Home, I got to see and hang with alittle over Christmas. Always good times, like old times. You could say they're my holiday and summer friends, but when we see each other it's like we just pick up where we left off and it's awesome to be around them.

January 13 was Ben Foote's Birthday, He came over to the apartment to just find me, so we ended up having a small birthday party, I made us smoothies, layered it whipped cream and many candles, and we sang happy birthday, he blew out the candles, and we almost set of the fire alarm, which causes everyone that lives in the apartment complex to evacuate the building, it would have been better if we set it off :).

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Holiday Joy straight outta Cambodia.

Trina came home from Cambodia for a week at Christmas! We hung out!!!! Trina and I had this list of things we were gonna do together when we were both home, stuff she definitely couldn't do in Cambodia, we did some together, some separate, but i think we did them all.

We cooked food together.
We went to the beach.
We went to farmer's market in SLO
We did art together.
We went out to eat at some favorite places.
We played games with friends and family.

Trina has getting along great in Cambodia, and growing, learning, and getting stronger. I love her to death. She has some super cute kids, i know she loves them so much. She has videos of them on her computer... I laugh so much at their sweet dance moves.

Issues of Physician Sci-Fi and Retardation.

These are various pictures from the year from various occassions. Two of them are from an 80's dance party (for Maranatha's B-day - the one of the roommates: Amanda, Monica, Maranatha, Sarah. And the other one of dancers at that party: phillip, monica, eric, leslie, Matt, Jacque, and more. Another one is from when I was trying to have a mustache: Ryan and Monica. And another is from a Who-ville party at graduation time in december. And yet another is from a photo shoot for a computer design class for Leslie... we were a band. And another one is at Tiffany's birthday suprise near the greenway.

And I titled this blog this way not for any good reason... but i did want to talk about how i am taking this class call Issues of Physical Science and Religion. It doesn't sound so interesting, but it just may be. I'm going to read alot of C.S. lewis books, homework is thinking in the shower, talking with friends, any comments, discussions, this blog is counting as homeworking, telling anybody about how i'm taking this class is qualified homework. so thanks for being a part of my homework.

let's talk about science and religion. Friends and Family answer my questions.

If a good God made the world why has is it gone wrong?

What is the good of drawing up, on paper, rules for social behaviour, if we know that, in fact, our greed, cowardice, ill temper, and self-conceit are going to prevent us from keeping them?
think about it..we need to realize something more than "it's the law." It requires courage and unselfishness of individuals... does this make sense?

I room with an Elphillipant

Phillip loves the Lord. I've known this guy for many years... 6-7 years i think... this is only my fourth year going to school with him though.. but 2 of the 4 we've been roommates/housemates. Phillip is a passionate, spirited, creative, men.. Full of music, movies, spontaneity. Last semester... Phillip was busy. i don't even know how many credit hours he took or how much he worked, but he was gone from the apartment all the time. He's a film major.. i have discovered that this means lots of projects. So he's doing films, working the film lab, working in the computer lab, working in the lighting lab, hanging in the directing lab, chilling in the photography lab, and all the other labs. maybe this semester will be different. Nonetheless... he's a super guy and one of my best friends. He enjoy getting and giving back rubs, he's a got a good voice, and plays all instruments, he's good with making movies, he likes soccer. He also wants to go on some dates with some girls... FYI for girls i guess.

On the other hand Zach.

Zach also loves the Lord.. I don't have roommates that don't love the Lord. :) He's a spirited, creative, artist. as a lifestyle. Our apartment is filled with his stuff. art, furniture, lamps, tools, clothes, etc. He's a man of social boom, yet needs space and solitude. That's an artist for ya. He describes himself as "irrational" all the time. He is taking 11 credit hours and only goes to school on tuesdays and thursdays. He wants to graduate so bad and will in May and at times claims to dislike southern, but isn't sure what he is going to do after he's done and alot of the people that he loves are here (he likes this cute girl named Kelly). he lives in my room, our room, and we have a bird theme.. come see it, it's magical. oh ya... Zach loves all things "magical".

Zach lives fierce.

Roommate number Dustin Billington.

Here lies Dustin. Faithful till the end and so on. Listen to me tell you about Dustin.

he loves the Lord, spends quality time with Him everyday, and it shows. He's a nurse already but still going to nursing school. This semester, He only goes to school 2 days a week, wednesday and thursday. He will have 5 day weekends. But he works in the hospital, but does that when he wants. He has been my roommate for 3 years of school and it's cool. I've known him since the year 02, i think. So we just entered into the 6th year anniversary. We're kind of like brothers you could say... He is dating a nice girl named Tiffany Blaser, (pictured above). they've been going strong for just over a year now and guess what.. dustin forgot their 1st year anniversary! (i figured Dustin wouldn't really mind me telling all you guys :). But he made up for it somehow... they still are so in love. (i don't really know anything about that.) Dustin is good at all sports, romance and marriage wierds him out, and he loves to cook. Dustin is a nice guy... zach on the other hand...phil he's just crazy.