Friday, October 23, 2009

Some Joyful Blogtography.

Monica and I turned 23 years of age the other day and went to Disney World's Magic Kingdom for Free!
I like to point out that both of us got the free deal, and I'm sure Disney's idea for this promotional is that they'll get more people to come and accompany the person who's birthday it is and pay full price.  Monica and I cheated them good!  We both went for free saving a whopping 158 dollars!  Then they cheated us good charging us 15 dollars to park a car, and 30 dollars to eat and drink.  But still we win! I think....  oh Yah We win!  Cuz we have cool friends and family to make us feel special.

Magic Kingdom.

Belle, of Beauty and the Beast.

Peter Pan.

 a Disney parade.

 Some Family.


Dear Man walking down the street,

Man, I want to be good person.  I want to show you that I know to never give up, that I care for you more than myself, and that I'm content where God has me go and right now that's here. And I don't want to brag about being better, or think I'm better, I want to reach out to you Man and be a new friend. Not overbearing but simply letting you know you seem like a good Man. Sure I know we just met and there are a lot of bad people in the world, but we all got good battling inside, I know it. I want to show you I'm accepting, not stuck up or uptight.  I want you to know me as the patient and kind guy that seems always to be calm, yet excited for fun.  I want to show you that I always look for the best in every situation.  I don't look back and grovel in the past when I know to move forward.  I want you to see the Truth.

I want to be who I'm supposed to be to be to you.  What's that seem like nowadays?  Man I feel like I'm supposed to keep walking, put on a mean face, and make sure it looks like you can't mess with me. And I've done this to you before. And now I'm feeling lonely, it seems like this world wants us to be lonely.  Forget that, Man.  Let's do this different.

Sincerely Yours.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brain Function.

 Recently, I've been wishing to be more intelligent (ironic that this is my first year ever not being in school since what, kindergarten?). I mean I was always inspired to be smart, like from watching Good Will Hunting, but never motivated enough to get there, I've always lacked enough focus.  I've never been the brightest boy, but in this transitional period of my life into the real world I wish to look like I'm smart enough to get here and go beyond.  Really it hasn't been bad, I'm confident enough to say I'm not real stupid.  I've got good resources and I'm smart enough to use them : ).  But it'd be nice to be smarter and better than I am, that's all.

Motivation and Focus.  I lack a lot of this.  It's so on and off,  even for the things I love and have passion for. Man this world's rough eh?   Discipline is always key.  Balance is always key.  Seeking Jesus is always key.  I need this more right now... this is a daily/moment to moment thing.  I need to keep moving forward and not look back on where I've been stuck.

It's time to decide
Which is out of my mind
Cause it'll be me unless I put some thoughts to rest and leave some faults behind
I'll watch the glint in my eye
Shine off the spring in my step
And could be blinding depending on the amount of You that I reflect
- Matt Thiessen