Monday, October 29, 2007

Gumdrop Cheerfulness.

My brother Aaron is engaged to Tori.


Everything in this world withers aways. Passions, good and bad, fail on earth.
No matter how long it's been growing and exercised, it can break, it can fall, and it call die.

Jesus says, "What is that to thee? Follow Thou Me."
Put Hope in The Rock, a Passion not of this world.

Jesus words should pierce though soul, mind, heart.

"They may forget what was said, but they never forget how they felt." - Beuchner.

Monday, October 22, 2007

See Below.

Monica and I had a good birthday. though maybe at times, i wanted it to be more relaxing, it was magical.

here are some fun photos.

21 Years in One Night.

The Night filled with Music, Performance, Laughs, Friends, Birthday, Yellow, and Green.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Confucius Says.

I've a hunger, twisting my stomach into knots.

Not only am I really hungry and stuck in class, but i'm antsy, nervous, and excited about all the things I need to do.
First off, I have a twelve page paper due this week, I have 6 pages of journal entries i haven't been doing due soon, It's midterm i have some tests, I've had presentations, tests, quizzes, book reports, i have work tomorrow. And the thing with work is that i can't get out of it, I need to work. Not only for money, but to keep the job. I can only miss so many days. I need to earn vacation and sick days. I haven't been working enough to earn alot of days off. And I need to get away for midterm break and it's tricky.

But I have so much good going on! It's "THE" BIRTHDAY really soon. Born October 13, 1986. And check this out..

- My parents are coming

- We're hosting a Party/Show - filled with special performances and social interaction

- We're transforming the apartment into a small concert venue

- We're having a sound system, staging, lighting, projector, video, images.

- Special performances by - Ryan and Monica, Scott Kabel, Brad Schleenbaker and Brandon Robison, Tina Gemora, Maranatha and Amanda, Phillip Sherwood, Ben Foote, Zach Mcdonald.

- It's called The Yellow and Green birthday thing - Monica's favorite colors. everyone must wear these colors.

I'm so excited. And i wanted to do some simple planning but my life has been so crazy. It'll get done and it'll be good.

I'm glad I found some time to tell you guys about it. and read my previous blog below if you haven't. posted this same day.

more soon.

Old Time Family Reunion

the wheel has turned and you go your way and i go mine. I thank you for the love and friendship that we could find. And don't forget that someday, wherever we roam, the Lord will take us back home.

Dear Friends,

what will it take for Jesus to come? What can we do? What are we doing? Do we need to do anything?

How busy is your life? How much energy to you have? What is required of you? Are you tired? Do you have time?

Is life balanced?

Friday, October 05, 2007


Due to too much to do in a week. It's friday, i'm exhausted and this is all i can do in class. I took a big Natives and Strangers test this morning. i'm done.. religion classes are good, good for knowledge and good for doing this at the same time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fear of Failure.

Greatest Friends: I make tribute to a new day and to an old day.

Old day:
Lyrics of Kristina G. 04-05'
Life flies by and life goes quickly, Spirit take me up and move me.
Home is not that far from here. Home is where you and I belong.

New day:

Hope never fails.

I hope that Jesus alone fills my life.

All the other influences of my life, Jesus gives to bring hope.

these God given passions are my hope to feeling the life that God gives.

Life Nutshell:

School, work, play - passion. Religion courses, one history course. Nursing on the Orthopedic Unit - downtown Chatt. Carefree fun, Music, Art, Sports...

School has been good, yet a hassle. I've never thought this before, but i think it now. the day is far too short. I really do want to do all i have to do and want to do. I really want to do the readings, papers, and projects actually (wierd alittle bit, cuz i do and i don't in ways.) but when i think about it, i want to gain the knowledge. I also like work, I really feel i have a passion for it, I want to learn to love it more and more. It's hard to love it so much when you have other things you know you won't get to do cuz you're there so long. I'm falling in love with creativity again. Music, Art, humor... I want to continue to develop these... i'm inspired. Trina! I'm doing art!!! like paintings, creative collection/collage art, pictures. Music... i want to play alot of music, intstruments, creative sound... I want to exercise... i really am enjoying jogging and eight minute abs.. I love the people i'm around, but i don't get to be around enough. this is struggle of balance in a day i feel is too short.

My apartment is such a fun place live, filled with decor - art, music, and worship. Zach, my fine arts major, college roommate passionately feels the need to live a beautifully decorated apartment. That influence was in the rest of us (Phillip S., Dustin B.) roommates as well, but what may have been in us already are now all over the walls.. i will post pictures of the Apartment soon. I am most fond of our Worship Wall, a wall next to the dining room table with sheet metal up against the wall, painted brown, green, blue. We magnetize worship, prayers, spiritual inspirtational thoughts.

I have much more to say. Soon.